girl on rock overlooking a wide valley with farm land

Chad Leister

Chad Leister 2014BA, MEM, Gulf Coast ClimateWise Manager

Chad Leister serves as President of Leister Consulting Company and is helping the Geos Institute assist Gulf of Mexico communities with local analysis of climate impacts and resilience planning. Mr. Leister has worked with the Mission-Aransas Reserve (Texas )and Weeks Bay Foundation (Alabama) in collaboration with regional experts. Chad is a member of the Gulf Climate Community of Practice, Southeast Aquatic Resources Partnership Communications Committee, and Gulf of Mexico Alliance Resilience Team. Since 2008 he has hosted numerous climate and resilience workshops in the Gulf region.

Chad holds a B.A. in Environmental Science and Policy / Economics and a M.E.M. (Master of Engineering Management) in Coastal Environmental Management / Economics and Environmental Policy from Duke University.